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How to Buy a Home – Great Tips

So…this is the year to buy a home!
Here are 9 easy things you can do now to get on the right path

  1. Check your credit & get credit score – Before you find your ‘dream’ home…you need to know your credit current score first. It takes just a couple minutes…on the phone with a mortgage pro…so it’s super quick to do…and it is free to have done too!

    Plus…the mortgage pro can give you the price range to stay in…to keep your monthly payments where you want them to be. GREAT info to know before starting your home search.

    But also sometimes there could be things on your credit report that you aren’t even aware of…or there could even be mistakes on your report.

    So it is good to catch these potential problems before you find your dream home…then they can be easily fixed while you search for your home.

    If you just want to check it yourself…there are many free resources to get access to your personal FICO score…like or But be VERY careful pulling your credit more than once…because it will definitely lower your credit scores…yikes!

  2. Ask yourself some questions – My website is perfect to start your home search on! But while you are starting to look…ask yourself these questions…
    • What town do you want to live in?
    • What area of town do you want to be in…SE/SW/NE/NW?
    • Or what neighborhoods you like?
    • What school districts you want to stay in?
    • What distance from your work do you want to stay within?
    • What size home to you want?
    • Do you want a pool or not?
  3. The internet search – Going online – Online house hunting is a powerful tool…but be careful what websites you search on! Many are not up-to-date…and have old information…so very easy to fall in love with a home…only to find it isn’t available any longer. That really stinks!

    So it is best to talk to a real estate agent (hopefully me)…then look on their website…where you will only be seeing the current active listings! My website is completely up to date and easy to use…so no surprises!

  4. Choose your real estate agent to help you – I do hope that person is me…but you could also ask your friends or family members. Maybe they have had a good or bad experience with someone…and will help guide you.

    Course I would love to help you…and I do have lots of reviews you can read on this site…written by past customers I’ve helped. It shouldn’t be a complicated process…but some agents do make it a hard sadly. My goal is to make this process as smooth and easy as possible for you.

  5. Talk to a local mortgage pro – If you don’t already have your mortgage pro picked out…you could again ask your circle of friends or family. Then give them a call to see whether you both will be a good fit for your home search.

    If you don’t have anyone in mind…I could definitely help you find a mortgage pro to help you! I don’t get paid anything by recommending specific companies…but I have worked with many over the years…and do know many that will make the process easier and less expensive for you…which is good.

    Names & contact info for these loan offices are located under my ‘Financing Tools’ icon here on my website….they can be called 7 days a week too!

    But…in these beginning stages…you are only getting pre-qualified for a home loan. This will give you a smooth plan by talking with a local mortgage pro and having them access your basic info. They might have some suggestions to make this process easier and will even run your credit check for free….so now is the time to do this…in the beginning.

    Some questions to ask them are:

    • I want my monthly payments to be $ – so what price range should I stay in?
    • Does this monthly payment include real estate taxes & homeowners insurance?
    • How much down payment money do I need at closing?
    • How much are my closing costs going to be?

    Many times…we can include your closing costs in your purchase price…but it is a good thing to know about while talking to your mortgage pro.

  6. Calculating your price range – One of the questions above…your mortgage pro can quickly figure the price range you should stay in…so you are comfortable with your monthly payments.
  7. Looking at homes – THIS is the fun part! This the point in your house hunting when get out and see inside the actual physical homes that you’ve been looking at online. This way you will to get to know the size home you want…and will get a strong, accurate sense of what home features you want…and the ‘feel’ you get when viewing inside.

    I’m a firm believer that when you walk into a home…you know immediately whether it is a ‘no go’…or if it is ‘your’ home. It is a feeling you get…and you just know & feel it is the one.

  8. Things to remember during this process – Sometimes small things can affect your credit scores…even after you have applied for a loan and been ‘okayed’ in the beginning. FYI…the mortgage pro will check your credit scores during the process AND right before you close on your dream home. So don’t do anything to affect your credit scores or it could stop you from closing on your home.

    Some things to do and not do:

    • No changing or quitting your job
    • No new credit card applications – even to get a discount at a store
    • No buying new or used cars/trucks/boats
    • No closing or changing bank accounts
    • No large withdrawals from a bank or savings account
    • No co-signing on someone else’s loan – not even for family
    • No buying furniture on layaway or on credit – do that AFTER you close!
    • Do make your current credit card payments on time
    • Do make your rent or current mortgage payments on time

Check out my website…then give me a call, text or email…so we can get you packing !!