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Home inspections – Should you get one?

  1. Be there for the inspection
    Today’s home inspection reports often include color pictures and easy-to-read…color-coded action item lists that pull out all the repairs and suggestions for further inspections into one handy list to help organize your contractor calls and home improvement store shopping lists.

    They are sent to the buyer via email within hours of the inspector’s site visit.

    But no matter how detailed…no matter how thorough your home inspection report is…a report can never replace the informational richness and nuances you’ll get if you actually attend the inspection in person!

    Most inspectors will welcome you…give you a briefing and explanation of what they will be looking at…and what’s excluded from the inspection at the outset…and then check in with you throughout the inspection.

    Many will point out to you issues and problems they find…so you can see them with your own eyes. Many are minor things…but many times are wonderful at showing you how to use items that you might not have known were included in the home.

    And they will also often do the invaluable service of showing you how to operate some home appliances and pointing out where you’ll find your emergency shutoffs for gas, water and electricity.

  2. Should you waive the inspection contingency?
    I don’t care whether it’s new construction or even your mom’s house you’re buying from her – get it inspected! Even if you are in a multiple offer situation…get it inspected!!

    Further…if you waive the inspection contingency in your offer…you may lose the earnest money if you later back out of the deal because of repairs. Because even ‘as is’ offers…have deadlines for you to do inspections…so do NOT put 0 days in this spot on the contract!

  3. Read the report and go over it with your real estate agent
    Most items found are minor and can be easily fixed by qualified contractors. But your agent can advise you on how to handle these repairs in order to get everything done by closing.

And I’d love to help you navigate the home inspection process! My direct # (352) 843-1988