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Is this home the one?

I’m a firm believer that the minute you walk into a home…you will know if it is a ‘no’ or a keeper…instantly!

But with so few homes on the market…even for the savvy buyers who have narrowed their house hunt to an affordable price range…finding ‘the right’ home can seem scary.

So…here are 5 clues that a particular home you’re looking at might be “The One” ?

  1. You feel possessive about it…instantly!

    I once showed a less-than-fabulous home to a buyer who stepped in the front door…opened her eyes wide…and uttered in a much-quieter-than-normal voice “I would cry.” We got a good laugh and kept looking.

    Then we hit gold…with the winning home bringing a smile to her face…it also made her instantly possessive. She didn’t just want it – she wanted it immediately! She could barely even wait to write the offer paperwork! Then when another agent showed up to bring a buyer through the place while we were still there…she lingered leisurely (in hopes they would just leave) and secretly looked at them with daggers in her eyes (out of competitiveness, because in her heart, the home had already become hers).

    So…If you walk through a place and leave wondering how quickly you can get your offer in…how much you’d offer to beat someone else out…or what you can do to lock it down quickly…it might just be “The One.”

  2. You start rationalizing its flaws away

    Train tracks 10 feet from the bedroom window? Next door neighbor that runs a pigeon-sitting service? Okay…I exaggerate. But if you find yourself viewing a home with traits that you would normally deem undesirable or as deal-killers…yet you like the place so much that you instinctively compile a mental list of reasons those traits just don’t matter…you might have found “The One.”

  3. You involuntarily envision your own family, furniture, decor, daily activities or remodeling choices in/to the home.

    They say that the best staging helps prospective buyers envision their family in the staged home.

    But whether or not a property is staged…if you find your mind’s eye Photoshopping a home to picture your own kids and furniture into the living room…and favorite wall hangings into place…eating breakfast in the nook – or even start mentally removing walls entirely – it’s entirely possible that the home you’re in could be “The One” for you.

  4. You lose interest in seeing other homes.

    I once took some buyers out for their first house hunt in my area after they’d spent two years looking for homes with another agent…without ever making a single offer. I’d planned to show them seven ‘perfect’ homes…but when they got to the 5th property, they stated that they’d found their home…and they neither wanted nor needed to see any more.

    I insisted that they still look at the others…if for no other reason than to confirm their choice and to honor the Sellers who took the time to get their home ready to show. They humored me and saw the last 2 places on the list…then promptly bought house #5 and still live there… blissfully happy…to this day ?

    When you find “The One,” continuing the house hunt you may have obsessed over for months, even years…starts to seem silly…like a waste of the energy you could be using to move into your new home.

When you walk into your ‘perfect’ home…you will know it…instantly…
And it’s a great feeling?

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